Our mission is to offer visitors the best walking experience whilst visiting our beautiful village.

The funding we make from our walks will be split 50% for the Allocated Guide, 40% to the Local Community & 10% for Website Maintenance, Updates & Insurance.

We are pricing the walks to be £5 per person per hour of a guided walk.

Therefore for example, if a guide takes 10 people on a 3 hour walk, that would be £150 in total (£75 to the guide, £60 to the community & £15 for Maintenance etc).

The money collected for the community will be used for improvements to the local visitor experience and residents.

Examples could be path improvements / repairs, better parking facilities, improved welfare facilities, local improvement schemes etc.

  • Improved Visitor Experience

  • Improved Safety for the walkers

  • Employment for Local Freelance Guides

  • Raise money for the Local Community

  • Investment in Path Improvements etc

  • Investment in Local Facilities


Our team of locals are at the heart of Llanberis Walks. They have extensive knowledge of the area and its history so you can enjoy and learn on your walks.

Glyn Hughes

Founder & Web Designer

Llanberis Resident, Entrepreneur, Loves Nature and Walking

Stephen Edwards

Creative Designer

Local Resident, Graphic Designer and Event Organiser


Marketing Manager

General Marketing


Our partners help make this website possible and provide valuable information and assistance in bring about a successful experience for our visitors.


No request is too big or small for our team. If it matters to you, it matters to us. Let us make your visit perfect.